“Visual thinking involves understanding information through structured visualization of its parts”


Historically, the human kind has developed an acute visual sense, we are constantly receiving graphic stimulus. Taking into account that our sight is a fundamental sense of our body and mind, it’s right to believe it’s relation with thoughts can help the comprehension and retention of new information, making it effortless to memorize it and explain it.

Since when?

Since prehistoric times, humans have used images to communicate. The history of visual narrative is born in the caves and travels through time up to the present day.

Visual language has become omnipresent in our daily lives.

We find it in all kinds of formats: on mobile icons, traffic signs, newspapers, advertising, T-shirts, packaging …

Visual Sense

In general, the dominant sense of humans is: SIGHT

In fact, various studies indicate that almost 50% of our brain activity is dedicated to processing the images we capture of reality

It is logical to think that the sense of sight is the most important simply because thanks to it we carry out a large part of our day-to-day activities.

As a curious fact, most cultures have expressions that we use daily and that show how this meaning configures practically everything we do, despite the fact that it does not always refer to issues related to sight. 

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